terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

"Happy Returns" (Song Inspired from Ramayana)


"Ramayana (A Hindu Epic) was originally written by a sage Valmiki in the Sanskrit language and later on it was translated into other languages in different versions.

"The main story of the Ramayana is about Lord Rama. In short the Ramayana is about Rama who was born in a royal family and was supposed to be the king, but because of his step- mother, he was forced to exile from his kingdom for fourteen years. During this period his consort Sita was kidnapped by a demon called Ravan, who was the king of Lanka. Rama with the help of his brother, Lakshman, and an army of monkeys under the leadership of Hanuman, rescued Sita.

"But the Ramayana isn't only about Lord Rama and his attempt to rescue his consort Sita. Ramayana is also about devotion, loyalty, family roles and respect to elders."

HAPPY RETURNS (Written & sung by Lila)

Ah, too deadly was the arrow
That fell like a hissing cobra
Help, me, oh God,
To fix the error, the mind deceives me.

But before you leave thee,
To the wilderness to rove,
Tears bedew the face
That touches your feet.

Part we, dear devoted
Weeping to weeping and joy to joy

Years have gone by,
And more seasons will follow.
In the fullness of time,
I wish a Happy Return

But in this torturing dream,
My feeble senses fail me.
Evenings thickening Shade
Descended on distant shores.

Rested By the river, days of toilsome journey over.
Weeping to weeping and Joy to Joy...

Gods and Spirits, Bright Immortals,
Fragrance of Celestial Blossoms,
HE is our Lord, the Creator of All...
Even Happy Returns, Happy Returns...

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